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Talkin’ Giants (Giants Podcast)

Sep 30, 2020

Bobby and Justin answer mailbag and voicemail questions talking on Jason Garrett, Daniel Jones, WR separation, possible players on the trade block and more! 

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Sep 28, 2020

Bobby and Justin break down another loss and analyze the performance of Daniel Jones, Evan Engram, and the offense as a whole. They also critique Jason Garrett and how he has been disappointing to start as the team's offensive play caller. They wrap up the show talking about the fate of Dave Gettleman. 

Sep 25, 2020

Bobby and Justin talk headlines heading into this Sunday, then they welcome on Kyle Posey of Niners Nation. They wrap up the show with Danny King who gives the weather report, fantasy and quick picks along with Giant Factors! 

Sep 23, 2020

Bobby and Justin break down the Devonta Freeman signing and what he can bring to this struggling offense. Then they take voicemail and mailbag questions and touch on Jason Garrett and Patrick Graham impressions, the offensive and defensive line and more!  

Sep 21, 2020

Bobby and Justin react to yet another loss and another 0-2 start. Daniel Jones turnovers, Saquon Barkley tears his ACL, the Giants run defense was terrible and no one had fun!